Google Doodle commemorating Rembrandt's 407th Birth Anivversary

Google has a very good habit of remembering great people with its Doodles. On the 407th birth anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn ( listen), Google released a doodle commemorating the great painter and printmaker.

The doodle shows his self portrait which was made by Rembrandt in 1659.  It is an oil on canvas painting and has been preserved in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC since 1937, where it's part of Andrew W. Mellon collection.

Rembrandt van Rijn was a Dutch painter and an etcher and was born on 15 July, 1606.He was the ninth child born to Harmen Gerritszoon van Rijn and Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuytbrouck.

He was apprentice to some of the greatest painters of his time such as Pieter Lastman,  Jacob Pynas and Jacob van Swanenburgh. During the starting of his career he painted portraits which included many self-portraits. In 1631, Rembrandt successfully established himself as a professional portraitist in Amsterdam.

Take a look at the doodle in the Google Doodle Library . Don't forget to share this with your friends.

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