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Do you want to learn photoshop, or any other Adobe product? If yes, then Adobe tv is the best free option out there. Learning takes time and that time gets doubled if you live at a place where Internet speed is slow. Then the best option for you is to download the videos and watch them at your own convenience without the hassle of buffering. 



  1. Download URL Snooper from the above link.
    URL Snooper

  2. Install it(or you can use the portable version) along with winpcap that comes along with it.
  3. Open URLSnooper and go to General options. Then select your network adapter under "Network Sniffing Options".

4.Click sniff network and in the protocol select Multimedia URLs.

5. Then open your browser and go to the video page (and let the video start to play).
6. Now you will see some links appear in the sniffer (URLSnooper).

7. The links are your video links.(eg: )

Note: The videos are mostly hosted on servers.

10. Copy one of the URL(the ones starting with and go to that URL and voila, you can download the video now by right click->save as .

Note: All the links are video links, they just differ in resolution. The bottom most link has the highest resolution.

Comment below if you get into any problem or you have any other method to accomplish the same.

Downloads :

Free Photoshop Training videos
Free Lightroom Training videos

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