How to hide hard drive's partition in windows

Hey guyz...Today's tutorial is entirely based on ways to HIDE HARD DRIVE's PARTITION in windows based devices. If you are reading this, then you can understand how it might come in handy at difficult times(If you know what I mean). Or you can just use this tweek to have fun with your friends. Here's how you can do it :

Method 1 : Using Graphical User Interface (The easiest of all)

When you add a drive to your PC, by default it gets a drive letter, whether it is a removable drive or even a fixed hard drive inside of your PC. Lets take a look at how we can hide these drives.

Note: This will completely hide the drive, even from you. You’ll again have to open up disk management to un-hide it.

To hide a drive you need to open a disk management snap-in, to do this right click on computer and select manage.

When the computer management MMC opens, double click on the storage option.

Now choose to open the disk management snap-in.

When the disk management console opens, look for the drive that you want to hide in the bottom section of the snap-in. Right click on it and choose the Change Drive Letter and Paths.. option from the context menu.

When the dialog box pops up hit the remove button so that it does not have a drive letter.

You will be prompted warning you that programs that use drive letters will no longer function, choose yes to continue.

That’s all there is to it guys, now when you go to My Computer the drive will be gone.

Method 2 : The Software Approach

No Drives Manager, is an application you can use to hide drives.The application does not need to be installed and can be run from a memory stick. What the application does is modify the registry so you don’t have to!.


The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. There are drive letters listed along the top drives A: through Z.

Say, you want to hide D: drive, simply check the box next to the letter D. The Binary decimal settings will be auto-populate.

After you choose the drive you want to hide, you have to Click Write current setting to the registry button. That will tell you that you need to log off and back on to see your changes.

Un-doing it is just as easy concealing the drive. Bring the application back up, then uncheck the box next to the drive letter you hid “ the D: drive ” in this case. And write your modifications back to the registry using the Write current setting to the registry button. After you log out and back in again your drive will be restored.
Click Here to Download No Drive Manager.

Method 3 : Using the command Line Interface

1. Run the Command prompt(cmd) using the Window+R key and then typing in cmd.

2. In the cmd window type DISKPART and hit enter.

3. Click on yes if confirmation window opens.

4. Type list volume and hit enter. This will give you all the information about the drives in your computer.

5. Now, type select volume 4(I have choosen 4 as an example, you can choose any of the volume or whichever you wish to hide). See the picture below.

6. This step is important. To hide a drive type remove letter=g and hit enter. Remember I have chosen the volume 4 and the letter assigned to it is g, so I have typed letter=g. If you chose a volume then the letter corresponding to it should be chosen.

7. Now, to bring the drive back in plain sight, just follow the steps till " select volume 4 " and then instead of remove type assign letter=g (or any other letter that haven't been assigned to any of the drives). If you get the following message (the one in the picture), then your work here, my friend is done.

8. Drop your comments, thoughts, suggestions or any other way that you know to hide the drives. If you liked reading it , then share it with your friends .


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