Google Demos its Futuristic Glasses : Project Glass from the eyes of a Skydiver

Google is one of the best companies when it comes to innovation. The Project Glass from Google is one of its most futuristic innovations of all. At Google's keynote address inSan Francisco, the company's co-founder Sergey Brin made a surprising entry and demoed Glass. The device, still in prototype stage, was announced in April this year.

User can wear it like glasses. It has a camera and a tiny display built inside it, allowing people to use it either to access information, take photographs or live stream videos with it.

"We have something special for you. This could go wrong in about 500 ways. Who wants to see a demo of Glass," Brin asked audience.

Then he connected with several people who were in a plane flying near the Moscone Center where the I/O event was organized and asked if they could deliver a package they were holding. Two of them, wearing Google Glasses, jumped from the plane, providing the audience at the I/O live feed of what they were seeing and parachuted to the roof of the Moscone Center.

This was followed up by two people rappelling down the building. They too streamed their vision live to the audience inside the building. Once they came down, two cyclists, who were also wearing the glasses, raced inside the Moscone Center and gave a package to Brin who was on the stage.

The demo was planned to show how well Glass could stream what a person was seeing. Google claimed that Glass could capture and share photographs or what a user was seeing in an easy and natural way. In its promo video, the company had also showed augmented reality elements built inside the Google Glass.

At the I/O event, Google reveled it started working on Glass project around two and half years ago. The company said that Americans part of the I/O 2012 could pre-book a specially-designed unit- termed Google Glass explorer edition -- at a price of $1500. For now the product would not be available to anyone else. It would be shipped to those who registered for it next year. "This is a really new technology, and we want to get you to help shape it," said Brin.

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SOURCE: The Times Of India


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