How to Bypass Annoying CPAlead Adverts Survey

Bypass CPAlead Survey
Some forum and free download websites offer CPALead surveys to visitors. Users need to complete the whole survey to get access to the site or before downloading file. The CPAlead Adverts requires user to complete certain types of survey before the user can view the site content. Sometimes these scam surveys ads are very time wasting and irritate and also ask mobile no or money to proceed further.

Today in this article, I am going to sharea trick to block and bypass the CPALead survey ads easily..

Steps To Bypass CPAlead Adverts Survey

Follow the following steps to bypass CPAlead Adverts Survey…

 Step 1: First open The CPALead Survey page in Chrome or Safari or in Firefox.

I am using this one:

Step 2: While the page is loading right click anywhere and hit ‘inspect element’

Step 3: Now expand the body tag in the HTML code. Now the first div you’ll see is one with a long-ass ID like “ llbafdondoojlgs0c5d687f27374d2ee6b1b388f1fcdfe5 ”. This will vary from page to page and change everytime you visit. These are the two divs we will be focusing on.

Step 4: Right click the first one and hit ‘edit attribute.’ Now where it says ‘display:block;’ change that to ‘display: none;’
Edit Div Id 1

Now do the same to the second tag also, see I have already changed it to 'none'.
Edit Div Id 2

Now you’ll notice the page works as it would do when you’ve completed the survey.

So friends, I hope this bypass CPAlead Adverts Survey trick will help you to bypass CPAlead Adverts survey. I tried out this trick to bypass CPAlead Adverts survey with numerous files and found it working perfect for every link. If you have any questions feel free to post below.

Enjoy Bypass CPAlead Adverts Survey…..Don't Forget to comment. Subscribe and Like:D PEACE.

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