Google Earth : Yet another success story

'Impossible is nothing' , rightly describes this incident. I mean, if you have the determination and will to achieve the impossible, then you can do it. Just read the following incident :

A man who became separated from his family for 25 years has tracked down his birth mother using Google Earth.
Saroo Brierley was five when he went to help his nine-year old brother who worked on trains in Khandwa, India. He fell asleep on the train journey there and woke up hundreds of miles away in Calcutta.
Mr Brierly was able to find his Indian mother by scouring Google for four years and using the memories he still had of the town in which he used to live.

            Watch this news on BBC NEWS

This is the way technology should be used and not like hacking into someone's account and sucking the money out of it. I am a fan of Google and its work and now this incident has overwhelmed me with joy. Let me know what you think about Google and its products and definitely about this incident in the comments below.
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