Airtel brings 4G services to India, tariff plans revealed

Super-fast mobile Internet connectivity makes its way to India through USB dongles; tariff plans won’t make you break the bank just yet...

While a bunch of mobile service providers are still haggling over 2G connections, one of them – Airtel – is going ahead and deploying 4G services in Kolkata. This will be the first leg of an eventual pan-India push on the high-speed Internet connectivity technology, starting with Bangalore.

Since the number of 4G handsets available in India is quite low at the moment, the company will be launching dongles (made by ZTE) with the SIM cards built in. The Airtel 4G site went live before the launch (although it has been taken down now) and revealed the tariff plans:

As you can see, the rates aren’t as exorbitantly high as you would have expected and easily rival 3G services – beating them in some cases. And when you add in the speed factor, it’s that much sweeter.

Theoretically, 4G can give you download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of up to 40Mbps, but we wouldn’t bet the bank on getting those from Airtel’s network in India. Still, the speeds should be significantly higher than anything you have managed to get out of 3G connections.

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