How to increase TRAFFIC on your site

How to increase traffic on my site? This is question people often ask to themselves when they are not getting the desired traffic on their website. I know this because i asked myself the same question. Here's the trick to get new visitors everyday and i have tried this myself so you can totally trust it. Just follow these simple steps as mentioned below and see the change in your site's traffic from the next day.

1)Go to

2)Enter ur details and Login to

3)Now Click on “MY LINKS” button

4)Now Click on “New site” Button.Then fill the form as shown in the pictures and submit.

5)Now u will get A mESsage ” Your website has been submitted and wait for approval”
6)Your website will be approved within one hour or two and a email is sent to you once it is approved.

7)Now Download the Ougos Browser to ur PC.


1)Install the browser onto your PC.
2)Now start it

2)Click on tools>>Developers>>Analyst>>Act>>Setup

3)Click on append and type a name (not the URL,just ur project name) and press OK.

4)Now go to your mail which u used to sign up for Ougo.They will send u a mail while the time of registration.

5)Now copy that link u got in the mail and paste it into the browser window where u created the new project

6)Now press ok and Go to Navigation and click on SIX

7)Thats it now the surfing starts and You will recieve traffic instantly. Subscribe and recommend to your friends if you like my posts.

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