Code Academy : A website especially for programming aspirants

Codeacademy , a very cool, interesting , interactive and most importantly informative website which i came across today, courtesy of the wired blog. At first i thought this would be yet another website which asks for your Paypal account details before letting you use the resources they have to offer, but to my surprise it was the other way around. As you open the website, an interactive screen on the upper left corner , much like a chat box , welcomes you with a welcome message and asks you to write your name. you write your name and a few minutes later you find yourself doing programming .
Yes, you have already started programming and you don't even know it and that's the special thing about this website . Another amazing feature offered by this website is the Code Year program which sends weekly coding exercises right to your email account.

 Right now, Codeacademy focuses on three standard web languages: JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. Traditionally, those aren't the languages big businesses use in honing their back-end infrastructure, but so many companies now need web programmers, and these languages are gradually working their way into the back-end as well. Go and check this website and have fun coding.

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