A social network for your robots

Today i came across this news on which said that there is a site in line which will allow your  droids to have social updates.We have Facebook,twitter and other social media's to share our thoughts and and now there will be one for the droids also.Human civilization entered the era of robots long ago, we are using robots to make our work easier and our life luxurious and i don't think the world in which robots will have brain is very far away.This is the article that i came across today.

 " According to NewScientist, there's a new site on the block that'll allow your droids to have status updates of their own. Furthermore, aims to be a complete social hub for humanoids; aside from the "I need to be charged" updates, they'll also secure a complete profile with name and photo. Of course, apps couldn't be left behind, which is why the company is planning a cloud-based app store to cap off its efforts. Unfortunately, just like The Facebook in its early days, the site is only open to a select few for now: Nao and Arduino-based robots. Needless to say, if you're going to have your mechanical partner make you a sandwich, the least you can do is let it share its feelings with friends."

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